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  Have your own Maryland Crab Feast from the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland
Maryland Crab Delivery Blue Crabs Sold by the Bushel, Half Bushel and Dozen

Quality Crabs Delivered to your door, UPS Overnight Express. 1.866.496.5063
"Comparing apples to apples, size to size, delivery included, we are the lowest priced
vendor online. That is my promise." and "having our own fleet of boats, and dedicated
crabbers, allows us to price beat anyone" Captain Don

Hear it from our Customers:

Hi Nick - Here are some photos from last year's Crab Fest. We had a sellout crowd of 150 people, with MD
Crabbers delicious blue crabs flown in overnight. With a traditional New Orleans jazz band, and plenty of
Shipyard Export ale from Portland, Maine, we had a terrific event. In addition to your crab we added a netted
bag of mussels, clams and shrimp steamed in Old Bay broth plus new potatoes, salad and fresh Sourdough
bread, followed by warm peach cobbler with vanillla ice cream. We look forward to another great party July 14th.
Thanks for your
help, John Is., California Yacht Club

"The crabs arrived in perfect condition, were wonderfully spiced and were absolutely delectable! I have told
all my friends who moved away from Maryland about, and how you've taken away the
fear of mail order crabs. Thanks for your great service and for helping to satisfy the crab craving that native
Marylanders experience!!"

Linda Swago (Atlanta, GA - Sept 13, 2010)

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Words our customers used
to describe our Crabs.
"Amazing Crabs!" Anne S.
"Tasty and Filling" Tom J
"Great Price"  Mimi C
"Largest Crabs for Money"
Jacob H.  

"Authentic Maryland Cakes"
Bryan M.
"You should sell your Crab Cakes
to Cosco"  Amy H.
"Brings me back to Maryland"
Ellen D