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Maryland blue crabs are truly a higher quality crab among the crab species. When we cook Maryland crabs, we steam them rather than boil the crabs. This is what makes Maryland crabs tasty and exceptional. We season each order according to the customerís request: None, Mild, Medium or Heavy seasoning and with either JO Spice or Old Bay. Our crabs can be shipped cooked or live, depending on the customerís request. We do not charge extra for steaming and seasoning. However, we recommend ordering cooked crabs, if at all possible, because shipping live crabs can result in mortality (inedible) loss. At, we do not guarantee any quantity of live crabs arriving to your door, due to the unpredictable nature of weather issues, temperature in your local area or throughout the packageís course in transit, and the handling of the package. These variables can affect the percentage of crabs arriving alive. Therefore, at, we recommend that if you want 100% edible crabs, you should order them pre-steamed. The crabs are steamed per order, so they will be fresh upon arrival and even days after!  If you prefer warm crabs, simply re-steam for 5 to 7 minutes and you should have fresh tasty crabs. However, if you insist having live crabs, please cook your live crabs immediately upon arrival. The longer you wait, the less chance the crabs will remain alive; cooked dead crabs cannot be consumed. Do not submerge live crabs into water unless you intend to cook the crabs immediately and want to rinse them off. Faucet water will drown the crabs and/or shorten their time alive. When you order from, rest assured that we will always pack the liveliest and heaviest crabs, to insure your crabs arrive in good order. But, again, we DO NOT guarantee any amount of live crabs arriving to your doorstep. All orders for live crabs must select Air Service which will include early delivery.  We cannot ship live crabs with Ground Service since the delivery time is often late in the day and this will increase the crabís death rate.  Live crab orders must be opened within 3 hours of delivery.  For additional information or concerns, please call 1-866-496-5063 or email at


Thank you in advance for your business! The Team


Live Crab Disclaimer

Live Crab Disclaimer