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Dear MdCrabbers,

Our family orders crabs yearly, and so we chose you guys this year for July 4th.  Our crew was mighty impressed with your Crabs.  With the price we paid each year versus what we paid with you all was night and day.  Yet, you did not skimp on quality.   We was totally satisfied, and will be back every year.

Tom Lawrence, Jacksonville FL
July 07, 2008


Dear MDCrabbers,

Thanks for sending us some nice big Crabs.   Your crabs were tasty and addictive.   I can't image what Males would be if the females were that large.    We tried you guys for the very first time and glad we did.   Other crab companies online were talking you guys down cause you're new.  But, we'll spread the word.

Mary Lou Montrose
August 3, 2008


Dear Mdcrabbers,

We had a great cookout/crabfeast this August.  Mom and Dad said you guys were the best.   Thanks for sending us extra crab mallets and crabs.  Those crabs were very active critters.    The crabs were highlight of our meal.    Thanks for sending us nice crabs.

Andy Beval
Colorodo Springs, CO
July 29, 2008


Dear Mdcrabbers,

I ordered crabs for the very first time online.  We use to only eat crabs when we lived in Maryland when we had a home right by the bay.  Your crabs were darn big, and delicious.    I highly will recommend you to friends, and tell them how wonderful your crabs were.    We appreciate the crabs you sent.  Thanks again.

Amita Haines
Los Angeles, CA
June 1, 2008