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Frequently Asked Questions
Why is your Crab prices so low?  
We work directly with the men and women who catch the crabs you love, have it cooked by professional Crab Cooking Houses and ship directly to you. 
Can I pick up at your location?  
Yes you can, you can pick up crabs at the Seafood Market in Jessup Maryland.   Crabs picked up must be arranged ahead of time by calling 1.866.496.5063.   We close daily by 10AM.
How do you compare to the other vendors online?
We will knock your socks off.   We steam our crabs with special seasoning.   A combination of JO SPICE, Old Bay and our special mix.  Many crab lovers who love Maryland Crabs love the aroma of our mild/spicy seasoning.   In fact we were recognized for our Crabs year over year. 
You are new to this online business?
Yes, new to the online shipping, but a veteran Crab company that is dedicated to providing fresh cooked crabs to customers nationwide.  We ship out of 3 processing locations, Jessup Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania.    All locations are HACCP certified and fully capable of shipping more than 50 bushels per day.  We do large parties as well, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have a large party order.   We can hold up to 300 bushels in our storage facility.
Do you sell wholesale?
Yes, we do but minimum order is 5 bushels.    You must send an email to to obtain a quote.
Do you provide a customer satisfaction gaurantee?  Yes, we assure that you will receive the freshest Maryland Blue Crabs money can buy, and will stand behind this gaurantee.   We sell only Fresh Maryland Crabs and are confident that once you have tried our Crabs, you will come back for more.

Where are the Crabs harvested from?  We harvest and also source rabs in St. Michaels, Why Mills, Choptank, Eastern Shore areas.  These are the areas that have yielded the best tasting crabs.

How are Crabs graded?  They are measured from tip to tip and sorted based on this convention.

When is the season for Blue Crabs?   It starts approximately April 1 of each year and ends end of November, or when it is too cold to go crabbing.